Using A Quantitative Measure To Achieve A Qualitative Lighting Design Effect

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Luminance vs. Brightness


What is Luminance?

Luminance in a simple language is the measurement unit of brightness. 

In realty brightness can never be measured as it is subjective form situation to another and perhaps form on person to another as well.


If you are coming from a dark area to another brighter area then you would see it not bright no matter how powerful the luminance is.

Take example as the head light of the car where during night time appears bright, however in daytime is less bright even though the luminance of the headlight is in the same value. 

 Luminance of car headlights brightness_cd

The Headlights of the two photos for the car has same luminance value but the brightness of the one at night is much higher.

Because brightness cannot be measured then we use a different term, however a brightness is used some time to make this term easy to…

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